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Professional Services


General Contracting

Looking for a reliable Renovation Contracting Firm with extensive experience for your next project? At Pearl Construction Inc, we stand by the excellence of our work and provide clients with personalized attention based on their specific needs. 

We can cater to all your renovation needs. we have to capability whether you are looking to renovate or add to existing property. we start by consulting about your project and develop a plan according to your needs, budget and time. 


Popcorn/Stucco removal

Our Stucco Removal Team have over 8 years of industry experience. we use the latest systems and tools to remove the popcorn dust free and smooth. Protecting surrounding and and safe work site. We take extra precautions on all our projects protecting your property and household items. 
All the areas that we will be working will be covered and masked to make sure no dust or debris get on items or seep to the other areas of the house. We make sure all the ceilings are perfectly smooth and clean.
We have different methods and depending on the situation of the ceiling we can suggest the ways possible to remove the popcorn and get you smooth and beautiful ceilings when we leave.


Painting Services

At PC Inc we offer All kind of Interior and Exterior painting services. we have a professional and dedicated team of painters with many years of experience. We have a step by step process for each project starting from consulting with you and planning everything from A to Z so you can be aware of our work schedule so you can plan accordingly. We take extra precaution in preparing our projects. we will make sure that all the areas and household items are covered and masked to be paint and dust free.
From custom homes to kitchen cabinet painting we do it all. Please reach out to us through our phone number or socials and we will be delighted to get back to you.

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